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gab in China, again
weblog 2008 (english only
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gab in beijing
weblog 2007 (dutch only)
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Blik op Beijing

ITEMS magazine planned a feature on China for their first issue of 2007.
I was invited to make a visual essay based on my collection of photos made in the summer of 2006 in Beijing. Not only were 4 spreads made available to me but I also was given the opportunity to design the spreads myself. Inspiration for the sequence of photos that I chose was an empty photo album that I had found at a fleamarket in Beijing. An entry on this great find can be found on my weblog(dutch only). Images from this album form the background to the photos...together they evoke the sense of unpeeling, unveiling and revealing of the many layers of the city that I experienced during my 3 month stay.

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curtain on curtain
large scale print, 2007
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> Blik op Beijing
(view on Beijing)
visual essay for magazine ITEMs

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gab bericht uit beijing
weblog 2006 (dutch only)
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east| west
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