gab in China, again
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gab in beijing
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Since my first travels to China, in 2004, I have become intrigued, enamoured, inspired and possessed. This has resulted in annual trips back to China, varying in duration from 2 weeks to 3 months.
Now (it is 2008 as I write this) China, and Beijing specifically, has become the second place in this world, next to Amsterdam, that I feel immensely at home.
In an effort to articulate as to why I'm so taken, my words and reasoning tend to linger around the clichés of exoticism and otherness.

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curtain on curtain
large scale print, 2007
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Blik op Beijing

(view on Beijing)
visual essay for magazine ITEMs
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gab bericht uit beijing
weblog 2006 (dutch only)
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east| west
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Yet I like to think that my passion for Beijing is more sophisticated, more layered than mere romaticism. In order to find more concise words and reasoning to explain my persevering fascination, I frequently return to Beijing.

Through exploration, observation, conversation and evolving friendships I feel increasingly engaged and involved. With each visit, I aquire some new vocabulary and insights that bring me closer to a more satisfying argument as to why China has such a tremendous appeal to me, both on a personal and a professional level.

My travels to China are now a steady feature of my working and personal life. It's my intention to spend 3 to 4 months a year there, working long-distance on Amsterdam assigments, and collaborating with fellow designers, architects, artists and students working in China on site/culture specific projects.

Through remarks from afar I will present both my own China-specific works and those of friends and collegues in China, and try to keep you up-to- date on my developments there.